Infinite Template - Registration

Infinite Template - Registration

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  • church planters and their teams

  • smaller churches wanting to break through attendance barriers 

  • established churches that would like to re-energize, refresh, and start growing again

  • pastors that are interested in the logistics of a mobile campus


1.) Creatives: social media, graphics, photography, video, marketing strategies, streaming

2.) Worship: developing talent, how to have amazing music with or without musicians, software, building a team, how to play with stems

3.) Administration: back office systems & processes, giving platforms, software, how to automate your systems so the church can grow

4.) Volunteers: how to build and engage a team, placing new members, creating a culture, software and developing your church’s “weekly win,” mobile church set-up

5.) Pastor’s: creating a vision and a plan, executing the plan, building a team, breaking barriers and leading with focus

What this conference is NOT: us telling you the one perfect way to do it.

What this conference IS: sharing what works for us so that you can adapt what you need for YOUR church! You’ll receive all of our printed materials and hear everything we’ve learned in our first 4 years.

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