A Week of focused prayer

October 22-28, 2018

Join us this week for a time of focused prayer as we prepare for a Sunday of miracles at Infinite Church.

The Taylor Station Road Location will be open between 7:00pm - 9:00pm each evening for you to come and go as needed.

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We were not saved to live a life of bondage, yet many of us struggle to live in the freedom that Christ purchased for us on the cross. Pray that we are able to lay aside every weight and sin and live life to its fullest.


Scripture demonstrates repeatedly that Christ has the power to heal a multitude of physical impairments. Miraculous healing still occurs today. Pray that the Healer would do the same for you.


Depression, anxiety, anger, fear and thoughts of self-harm are not uncommon in today’s world. Whether these stem from a spiritual or physical issue, Christ wants you to bring these needs out of the darkness and into the light where healing can take place.


The Word tells us that he is making all things new. This can include a marriage or relationship that you think is too far gone. Focus first on your most important relationship, your relationship with Christ. Pray for help to process the hurt and pain in a healthy way that leads to healing.


Pray that you will put money in its proper perspective. Own your money, don’t let it own you. Pray that the Lord would create a generous heart within you and walk you through wise decisions when it comes to your finances.


Take heart, God can restore the years that have been stolen by the enemy. Pray that you would use the time that you have here on earth with great intentionality. Pray for God’s Word to light your path and lead you into your life’s calling, your divine destiny.


Don’t allow hatred into any corner of your heart. Race, nationality, political affiliation...nothing should stir hatred for any people group within the heart of a Child of God. Scripture is clear that we should hate what God hates, that it is the sin, but never the sinner. Fill us with the Father’s love.


If you would like to submit a prayer request for those that have committed to praying at our Taylor Station Rd location, you may do so below.